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I still write here every week but it's all locked. Also posting at sleepyneuf.tumblr. So if you have a tumblr and we've been friends for a long time (hey, I've had this journal since January 2001) feel free to add me and I'll do the same.

Here's an ornament I made using the my paper crane tutorial.

<3, Neuf
snow pudding

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so steven and i are about to become 2nd time kitten parents. we're adopting a little snowshoe/siamese cat i fell in love with on petfinder. we had some arguments about why we shouldn't get a turkish angora (he's allergic and they have crazy amounts of hair.. and there weren't any he liked for hundreds of miles).

we went on wednesday night to meet the kitten. wow, she's even cuter in person and i can't wait. we bought a ton of new stuff cause the lady was pretty strict about what she should eat and play with. whateva. we'll see what she likes and go with that. tanuki bypassed the expensive dry food to eat his iams. who knows.

oh yeah, since i got to pick her steve is naming her crooklyn. ridiculous.

hopefully this will be good. i know tanuki misses kamakazi since we moved. look at those two.. tanuki looks pretty good in his bandana.