the zit remedy (bravenewworld) wrote,
the zit remedy

an update for nikr

things are going well at my farm. this is me with my cow: nikr, sheep: meech, and horse: joe.

and my chickens named runis, mr. maz, and fran. i also now have a chick named melissa (not pictured).

this is nina. she's just popuri from the other game. she's really into eggs and mayo (GROSS).. so i don't think i love her. plus her voice = annoying.

i've been making eve fall in love with me..

only, she has red eyes! she really likes flowers a lot.

we sat together at the fireworks. she has 3 hearts for me.

this is katie, the new girl in town. she doesn't have red eyes. she's also very adamant about the fact that she's 18 years old and legal to be a prostitute.

i might end up going for her instead. her voice is more annoying than eve's... but she doesn't have red eyes. i'm so superficial.
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